In the letter to Poles, which Jane Wagner, mother of the pro-life activist wrote, there are such words: ‘May God bless Poland! Thank you that you are for Mary. Do not give up your efforts!’ The letter was addressed to Jacek Kotula and all good people in Poland. Jacek Kotula is a chief of the PRO - Pro-Life Foundation department in Rzeszów. It was thanks to him that in October 2014 Mary Wagner paid a visit to us, in Poland.

‘Thank you so much for Your love and support for my daughter Mary. I think that as a nation, you really understand what Mary is doing. She gained much more support from you than from anyone else in the world. Now I understand why the great saint John Paul II came out from your nation! You are a real blessing for Mary and for children about whom she says’ – we read in the letter.

Mother of Mary Wagner notes that in Canada her daughter has very little support, and even among the Catholics. After being released from prison in 2014, she was never invited for a pro-life meeting in any church, while in Poland she had many meetings during which she could speak about life protection: ‘I think that the Canadians are blinded with the idea of law which is clearly bad – writes the mother of Mary Wagner. – There is a real spiritual death in our country’. She informs that she has not heard any words from a pulpit which would condemn abortion or contraceptives. ‘So, no wonder that Canadian Catholics do abortion nearly as often as the other Canadians’ - we read in the letter.

Jane Wagner says about her daughter that she is full of peace and joy, because she is a servant of Christ and does what He tells her to do. She notes that sometimes Christ comes to us in other people. It was so in the case of Mary. ‘Her time with You prepared her for the wilderness of this fight in Canada. Love to Mother Theresa of Calcutta and St. John Paul II formed her life, and You still give her hope and support when she is going forward’ – writes Jane Wagner. In her opinion, Mary, being in prison, bring God to others through her delicacy and presence full of prayer. ‘She is like a small lantern behind bars. When I told her that I was worried about her return to prison, that she is of a little posture and there are dangerous people there, she smiled and said: ‘Mum, do not worry. They love me there.’ Having such words in her heart, the mother is awaiting her daughter’s return from prison.


„Niedziela” 2/2015

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