Catholic Church in Poland

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We are proud of our graduates

Agnieszka Strzepka talks to Rev. Professor Leon Dyczewski, OFMConv, the founder and director of the Postgraduate Studies in Social Communications and Journalism at the Catholic University of Lublin.

‘Ignas, Ignas, how are you?'

Jerzy Walczak talks to Bishop Ignacy Jez about his friendship with John Paul II.

The Servant of God John Paul II used those words to greet Bishop Ignacy Jez, Bishop Emeritus of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg, in the Vatican. »

I would like to live to that moment

Milena Kindziuk talks to Cardinal Jozef Glemp about his conversations with Fr Jerzy, the attempts to save his life and the role of the Primate in the new film ‘Popieluszko.’.

New year - new challenges

Rev. Msgr Ireneusz Skubis talks to Rev. Krzysztof Pawlina, President of the Rectors’ Conference of the Diocesan and Religious Major Seminaries.

Visual evangelisation

Fr Stefan Tuszynski, OFMConv

The billboards are only a constant reminder, turning passer-byes’ attention to certain issues of religious life, they are to make people’s hearts and conscience sensitive. »

What to follow, what to think...?

Fr Zbigniew Suchy talks to Archbishop Jozef Michalik of Przemysl, the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference.

Longing for intimacy in our relationship with God

Wieslawa Lewandowska talks to Fr Dariusz Cichor, a member of the Pauline Order, guide of the Warsaw Walking Pilgrimage, about the meaning of Christian pilgrimages.

Krakow - city of prayer, reflection and meditation

Antoni Jackowski

Krakow is a unique sacral space in the world, which draws millions of pilgrims every year. The city of the indomitable Bishop Stanislaw, the beloved city of John Paul II, the place from which the message of Divine Mercy spreads - this is the spiritual treasury of our homeland. »

Against heresies, including the contemporary heresies

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

On 28 June we celebrate the feat of Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr. This saint helps us understand theology, Christ and man better just as he helped his contemporaries. Saint Irenaeus is the patron saint of the only student center parish and the patron of the church that is being built there. »

I did not speak severely, only openly

Mateusz Wyrwich

The legendary bishop of Przemysl Ignacy Tokarczuk formed his character during the atmosphere of war, hunger, terror and provocation of two totalitarianisms. In spite of such experiences he was not afraid of telling the faithful that communism was a temporary system and the formation of the spirit should not be neglected. »

Monsignor from Suchedniow

Lidia Dudkiewicz talks to Senator Czeslaw Ryszka, author of the book about the priest ‘who did not bow before the communists’.

The Reverend Monsignor Jozef Wojcik has been a living legend. 35 years ago he ‘freed’ the copy of the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady, which the communists had arrested during the visitation programme in Polish parishes. The Polish People’s Republic sentenced him 18 times for his heroic behaviour, and he imprisoned nine times. »

Lednica is Jesus

Karolina Jadczyk talks to Fr Jan Gora, OP, initiator of the meetings in Lednica.

You have been connected with Lednica. This is your work. It seems that you give all your energy to this and what does Lednica give to you? »

Short history of the peregrination

Czeslaw Ryszka

'Since the whole nation cannot visit her Queen at Jasna Gora the Mother of God will visit all her children, where they live, i.e. in their parishes'- said Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of Poland, before he made his decision concerning the peregrination of the Miraculous Picture of Our Lady. »

Do not destroy the past of altars!

Fr Kazimierz Bednarski

The example of the indomitable life of Fr Edward Sowula warns the young people not to treat the acts of the IPN as the only source of knowledge about people. 'Justice requires us to examine available sources - ask the people in question if they are alive, ask authentic, and not false, witnesses.' »

I belong to the JP2 generation

Rev. Msgr Ireneusz Skubis talks to Metropolitan of Warsaw Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz.

I also belong to the generation of John Paul II. Since all my life I was formed under the pontificate of John Paul II. I think that the young people who grew up during the last ten years of the suffering old Pope can also say that they are the JP2 generation providing they accept the teaching of Pope Wojtyla since this is the condition of belonging to this generation. »

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