From the Vatican

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He cultivates theology of kneeling

Bishop Zygmunt Zimowski

We have asked Bishop Zygmunt Zimowski, who was an aide to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger for many years, to introduce his personality. Here is a brief outline of the newly elected Holy Father Benedict XVI. »

We have a Pope!

Fr Piotr Zaborski

After the election of a new pope there is the moment when believers, running towards the square in front of the Vatican Basilica, keep greeting one another: 'We have a Pope' before they know who he is. This happens before the solemn announcement of the result of the election and the name of the new pope: 'Habemus Papam...'. »

Christmas tree in the Vatican

Fr Konrad Hejmo, OP

The credit for Christmas tree in the Vatican, and exactly in St Peter's Square, undoubtedly goes to the Pope from Poland. Together with the Pope, called 'from a distant country', there were other Polish Christmas traditions, which have made the Vatican their home. Fr Konrad Hejmo, OP, writes about them in his article entitled 'Christmas tree in the Vatican'. »

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