On the ways of faith

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Public dimension of Christian faith

Bishop Stanislaw Wielgus

In his homily Bishop Wielgus speaks about Catholic ethics and values the Gospel brings. He relates them to the contemporary world, which often destroys, mocks and removes them from social life. He analyses the reasons and presents the effects of such actions. He also shows how we can protect ourselves against these influences. »

With a suitcase?

Br Tadeusz Rucinski, F.S.C.

Brother Tadeusz speaks about love, the secret of being loved and the skill to love »

Experiences of an alcoholic's child

Ewa Krupniewska

On the basis of a concrete child Ewa Krupniewska, psychologist, shows the world of alcoholic parents' children. She presents this world aiming at focusing on personality changes, fears and emotions, which the parents' addiction evokes in their children. This knowledge is indispensable in order to minimize all negative effects of parents' alcoholism. »

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