I have today set before you life and death...


The Parliament is working on establishing legal principles, which will defend human life from conception to natural death. Since man is a conceived being, a living being, regardless of the fact whether man is aware of being human or not. No one questions that. However, many countries have regulations that legalise the killing of conceived life, allowing for the possibility of the so-called abortion of the unborn babies, whose age has been legally defined. Unfortunately, it testifies to the lack of respect for life. In the last years we dealt with the problem of euthanasia, i.e. shortening of the lives of the old, the sick, the infirm, those who are socially less useful - this is also a problem of the lack of respect for human life. Therefore, the constitutional regulation that says that man must be legally protected from conception to natural death is of great importance. It testifies to the culture of the nation. It is true that there was some period, especially in the post-war history, when the culture of death was promoted - people were fed with the godless ideology, according to which abortion was just a common treatment that could be performed with impunity and at any time. Thousands of innocent human beings were killed. Today society looks at it differently. Thanks to discussions and fight for life, which the Church and many pro-life movements conduct, the awareness of society has been deepened. No one claims that abortion is good for women, family and society; we can see certain growth of social awareness that makes people consider life, respect it and be convinced that no human being, and so much more the defenceless and the innocent, must be killed. We read in the Book of Deuteronomy 'I have today set before you life and death...(30:19) - The choice is yours.
However, one should not underestimate the strength, the arguments and forms of the culture that opposes life - the culture of death. Since there are countries and systems where abortion and other social ways of behaviour, which are not worthy of humanity, are legal and justified by the argument that they make human living easier, that they are practical or financially beneficial. Death rules in these countries that have adopted such laws. However, we would like to support culture of life and civilisation of love in our country. The Holy Father John Paul II, who devoted so much time to explain the unchanged stand of the Church on this issue to us and to convince us to follow his words and deeds, obliges us to support life. 'Niedziela' is preparing the next 19th issue of its Papal Collection, dedicated to the defence of the human life. I encourage you to get to know this publication. Here I would like to stress the big role of the extremely important document of John Paul II, namely the encyclical 'Evangelium Vitae' (25 March 1995). I want to remind you of the Pontifical Academy For Life, the Apostolic See, aiming at serving life and scientifically justifying the Magisterium of the Church.
Today we have an occasion to make another step to defend life in Poland, to give up the existing legal regulations, which allow killing unborn babies under certain conditions. We should use this chance and say, 'Enough!' We cannot be barbarians in the 21st century. And even if some people want to prove that a child in mother's womb is disabled, is this a reason to kill it? Is this a humanitarian action? We must see to full humanity of man's life. May the social teaching of the Catholic Church and of John Paul II be the basis for our discussions with those who have different views. And let us know one thing: Europe will win only if it respects God's commandments.
It is real joy to see that many members of the Polish Parliament notice this problem and want to render a service to life. Let us pray that all of us could always choose life and love.

"Niedziela" 47/2006

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