Catholic Church in Poland

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Multimedia and awards

Anna Wyszynska

According with the nine-year old tradition of pilgrimages of 'Niedziela' to Jasna Gora the Mater Verbi Medals were awarded to people who rendered great service to evangelization. »

Bishops' Letter on the occasion of 350th anniversary of the miraculous defence of Jasna Gora against the Swedish troops

The Council of the Polish Bishops' Conference and the Diocesan Bishops held a meeting in Czestochowa on 25 August 2005. »

I thank the Queen of Families in Wambierzyce

Lilianna Sicinska talks to Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Archbishop of Cologne and host of the World Youth Day, in Wambierzyce

Robe of Dedication

Boguslaw Olszonowicz

On 23 August 2005 an amber covering (traditionally called a dress) for the Mother of God Queen of Poland was transported from the studio of Mariusz Drapikowski, artist from Gdansk, to Jasna Gora. »

Dress of dedication 'Totus Tuus' and papal crowns for the Jasna Gora Icon

Fr Robert M. Lukaszuk, OSPPE

In the chapel of Our Lady, on the feat of Our Lady of Czestochowa, 26 August, Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, Metropolitan of Krakow, blessed a new amber-and-diamond panel called 'Dress of Dedication', decorated with gold crowns, which were donated and blessed by the Servant of God John Paul II a day before his death. »

'Sunday in Warsaw'

Fr Ireneusz Skubis talks to Cardinal Jozef Glemp, Archbishop of Warsaw, and Primate of Poland.

The Catholic Weekly 'Niedziela' has a new edition 'Niedziela w Warszawie' (Sunday in Warsaw) for the Archdiocese of Warsaw. »

Invitation to Jasna Gora 2005

Fr Bogdan Waliczek - Prior of Jasna Gora

Every year the Prior of Jasna Gora invites people to take pilgrims' roads, which all lead towards Jasna Gora in August. This year the Feast of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin (15 August) becomes part of the Jubilee - 350th anniversary of the Jasna Gora defence against the Swedish siege. A special element of the celebration will be the offering of the crowns on the Jasna Gora Altar of the Nation. These crowns together with the papal message are a votive gift of the Holy Father John Paul II. He blessed them on 1 April 2005, the day before his passing away to Father's House. »

From the academic window

Fr Andrzej Przybylski - Chaplain for students in Czestochowa

Campus Ministry Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr, Student Center Parish

We are a community of students enrolled in various institutions of higher education in Czestochowa. Together with our chaplains we have launched a project to build a formation center within the framework of a 'personal parish' under the title 'St Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr'. »

'May this legacy abide in us'

Consecration of the chapel in the House In Remembrance of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski in Czestochowa

Elzbieta Krawczyk

The Year of the Eucharist and the 350th anniversary of the miraculous defense of Jasna Gora against the Swedish troops are marked with another important event: Lord Jesus 'lived among us' at 12 Kard. Stefana Wyszynskiego Street in Czestochowa. On 12 February 2005 Archbishop Stanislaw Nowak, Metropolitan of Czestochowa, consecrated the chapel - the heart of the House In Remembrance of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski. Elzbieta Krawczyk writes about this event in her article entitled 'May this legacy abide in us'. »

Church of 'wheat and darnel'

Krystyna Czuba

In her article entitled 'Church of wheat and darnel' Krystyna Czuba writes, 'Not long ago one of the known and pious priests said that during his traditional round of pastoral visits to parishioners only one or two in every ten families wanted to talk to him ... Surely on the occasion of a wedding or more often a funeral some six or eight of these families come to the parish office asking for help or demanding a priestly service. Are we to cross these names off the list of the parish book since they are like 'darnel' and not like 'wheat'? We may have such a desire. But should we do that?' »

News from Saint Irenaeus Student Center Parish

Aleksander Walewski

For a long time we have not published any news from the first, in Poland and our diocese, student center parish, which was given the status of a 'personal parish'. Some very important integration events have occurred in this community, which is being built. After the square had been blessed and a copy of the cross of the World Youth Day had been put up the students received more gifts. »

Hypocrisy and politics

Marian Miszalski

The Speaker of the Sejm Jozef Oleksy, who had resigned from the position of prime minister in the circumstances that indicated at least too familiar relationships with the Russian spy network, was anxious about the following question: 'How will Andrzej P., MP and member of the SLD (Democratic Left Alliance) who has been arrested, hold his seat if he has been taken into custody? »

A pot of slanders

Jerzy Robert Nowak

'A pot of slanders' is the title of Jerzy Robert Nowak's article, in which he argues that it could be possible to create a truly long 'White Book' about the fight with the Church only on the basis of the 'literary output' in mass media in the last half year. »

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