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Christmas according to Fr Twardowski

Milena Kindziuk

The priest and poet Rev. Jan Twardowski thought that ‘Christmas exists to teach us how to love, to offer a helping hand to others, to smile, to forgive others’. »

‘God is born’

Jolanta Wylezynska

When the first star appears in the sky, all things – the whole world – gets calm and we share Love and we praise the Lord for his coming to us. » warm the Baby up

Jolanta Palasz talks to Rev. Professor Kazimierz Szymonik, the artistic director and conductor of the Academic Choir of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw.

Evangelisation through blogging

Fr Pawel Rozpiatkowski

The fashionable word 'blogging' has already involved 70 million internauts (web users). Bloggers include priests, nuns and even bishops. This form of spreading the Good News has more and more followers. »

To warm up our hearts with carols

Weronika Rozycka

There were 18,000 Polish and international contestants at the festival of Christmas Carols in Bedzin this year. Thus Bedzin has become the capital of Polish carols. Grand Prix and 5,000 zloty were awarded to Iryna and Natalia Jewtuszok from Rovny in Ukraine. »

Catholic journalist AD 2007

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

The last events connected with Archbishop Wielgus's resignation as Metropolitan of Warsaw significantly proved that 'words spoken by 'authorities' in the media + picture = great power of suggestion'. And from there it is one step to an attempt on the freedom and dignity of man. »

Culture as the moving force of history

Ireneusz Skubis and Anna Cichoblazinska talk to Dr. Kazimierz Michal Ujazdowski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Contemporary times require many activities of the state to support culture since culture does not only mean artistic activities but also heritage of the nation and the moving force of history. »

Chopin is still playing...

Milena Kindziuk

Who does not know the characteristic figure of Barbara Wachowicz, with elaborately arranged blond curls and a perfect fringe, who talks with an oratorical fluency about Zeromski, Mickiewicz, Krasinski, Chopin... Her chatty personality, supported by deep knowledge, draws crowds of young people to meetings with this extraordinary woman who loves Poland so much. »

I took the vows of fast and silence for the sake of the role

Malgorzata Karnaszewska talks to Piotr Adamczyk, actor playing the main role in the film 'Story of Karol - Pope who remained a man'.

The director of the film about John Paul II Giacomo Batiato believed that the Polish actor knew more about the figure of the Holy Father more than he did. Piotr Adamczyk, who played the role of John Paul II, felt a co-director and co-screenwriter. »

Matera - Italian Jerusalem

Wlodzimierz Redzioch

Matera, town in southern Italy, is marked with Christ. The town is of Jerusalem character: its location, scenery and light caused Paolo Pasolini and Mel Gibson to make their most important films there. »

'Your home is here, Jon!'

Monika Kaniowska talks to Jon Voight, who played the title role in the film 'John Paul the Second'.

The premiere of the film about John Paul II in Krakow and Wadowice, which was so beautifully presented by our public television, is over. The man playing the role of the Holy Father, Hollywood actor Jon Voight said that Poles were an extraordinary nation because of their strength of faith. »

Homage of the Three Magi in the Cologne Cathedral

Jolanta Wylezynska

The Mediaeval Shrine of the Three Magi in the Cologne cathedral is a masterpiece of goldsmithery. Both the cathedral and the reliquary can be called 'symbols of the German soul'. »

In the circle of Harry Potter's world of magic

Fr Waldemar Kulbat

The next Harry Potter book was published. One can assume that this event caused the Italian newspaper La Republica to reveal the content of the Holy Father Benedict XVI's letter to the authoress of the book in question. The letter referred to harmfulness of the series about Harry Potter. »

Prizes of the 20th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival 'Niepokalanów 2005'

Grand Prix of the 20th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival 'Niepokalanów 2005' was won by the film 'Moje zycie dla niego' (My life for him) about the well known Pope's photographer Arturo Mari. »

Statuette of St Maximilian for Editor-in-chief of 'Niedziela'

Anna Cichoblazinska

The statuettes of St Maximilian Maria Kolbe of the 20th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival 'Niepokalanów 2005' were awarded. The prizes in categories of films, radio programmes and multimedia programmes went to artists from all continents. »

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