Catholic Church in Poland

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John Paul II House in Lednica

Before the second anniversary of the death of the Holy Father John Paul II the Dominican Academic Centre at the Lednickie Lake will open John Paul II House. »

The Catholic voice in your home

Rev. Msgr Ireneusz Skubis talks to Fr Tadeusz Rydzyk, CSsR, Director of Radio Maryja.

Radio Maryja has the biggest number of listeners among Poles in the country and abroad. It owes this popularity to the 15-year-old constant formation of its listeners, faithfulness to Christian values and Polish culture. Today Radio Maryja is a media concern of a clearly Catholic character. »

Ania, the most important thing is love, isn't it?

Katarzyna Woynarowska

One of the most beautiful statues of the Mother of God has had its home in Lesniow for 625 years. People call it 'Tenderly Smiling'. She is the Patroness of Families, those who are happy and those who have problems. Numerous miracles were described in the books of the sanctuary and lots of requests and thanksgiving were recorded. »

We do not want such judgements

Today a judgment was passed on Bishop Wielgus. But what kind of judgment was it, based on shreds of paper photocopied three times over? We do not want such judgments! »

Vetting of Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

Reading the papers about the new Warsaw's Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus many people are shocked and the news makes them giddy. Some journalists state that undoubtedly Archbishop Wielgus was a collaborator of the communist intelligence services, and that he collaborated for many years. He has been most often attacked by relatively young people who have set their caps at Warsaw's prelate and want to destroy him, to humiliate him, and they robbed him of his good name long ago. »

5 January 2007 - Archbishop Wielgus's statement

+ Stanislaw Wielgus

Referring to the information in the media about my collaboration with the communist secret police, the SB, and the intelligence services of the Polish People's Republic I want to state the following. »

In the service to the Church

Anna Cichoblazinska

A documentary about the past and the present of the Catholic Weekly 'Niedziela' has been made on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the paper. »

Being a bishop is a service

Fr Adam Lach

Bishop Stanislaw Wielgus has been appointed as the new metropolitan archbishop of Warsaw. He is an outstanding philosopher and at the same time he is a humble man. For many years he was the rector of the Catholic University of Lublin and the bishop of Plock. »

'Niedziela' in the Bishops' Conference

Milena Kindziuk

'Niedziela' is a good, reliable paper. I want to express my recognition of the achievements of the weekly, especially its contents, which it presents to the society', said the Primate of Poland Cardinal Jozef Glemp during the presentation of the new graphic design of 'Niedziela', which took place in the Secretariat of the Polish Bishops' Conference in Warsaw in November. »

To defend life

Archbishop Jozef Michalik

The false thesis that a being living under the mother's heart is not human has caused that today there are cemeteries for children who were killed by parents and doctors, i.e. by those who have been called to save human life. »

Proclaiming Christ through the media

Rev. Monsignor Ireneusz Skubis talks to Archbishop Marian Golebiewski, Metropolitan of Wroclaw.

Priests realise that their influence on the faithful is limited by their time, rhythm of work and numerous jobs. Catholic press, helping them deepen spiritual life and explaining the complexities of the world that surrounds us, should fill the time they could not dedicate to believers. »

I know that it was God who saved me

Msgr Ireneusz Skubis talks to Arturo Dreifinger, a Jew who was saved in Poland during the Nazi occupation.

Arturo Dreifinger, a Jew who was saved during the Nazi occupation by Fr Antoni Marchewka, later editor-in-chief of 'Niedziela', came to Poland to collect materials for a book that will be a testimony to the heroism of the Poles who saved Jewish children. »

Kalkow paths to God

Agnieszka Dziarmaga

Fr Adam Wala built a sanctuary on the poor Swietokrzyskie land that draws thousands of pilgrims. There is a Village of Disabled Children next to a place called Golgotha. Other works of Fr Wala include: an orphanage on the San, houses for the elderly, hermitages for those who want to pray. 'God himself demanded this land, which was so much persecuted for its patriotism and religious attitude', the priest says humbly. »

Krakow, honour and commitment

Fr Ireneusz Skubis talks to Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, Metropolitan of Krakow.

'Niedziela' is about to begin a new edition. In October 'Niedziela Malopolska' [Malopolska Sunday] will be available in every parish of the Krakow Archdiocese, which the Servant of God John Paul II was very much connected with. In the masthead of the paper there is a figure of the Merciful Jesus and the Holy Father John Paul II. »

Living monument with beating hearts

Fr Pawel Rozpiatkowski

It is hard to count all monuments to John Paul II in the Polish land. It is estimated that till the death of John Paul II 230 monuments were created in Poland. At present, the exact number of such monuments is not known. »

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