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Standing near the Pope Francis during the Angelus prayer is an event which are remembered for the whole life. But that is not everything. This openness makes it possible to talk to him like with a friend. It is particularly important for young people. »


On these days I am making a pilgrimage to ‘apostolic tombs’, but for me the return to Vatican is somehow a return to the old home. Here in the years 1996 – 2005 I served to John Paul II, and then, till the year 2007 – to Benedict XVI. At this home I had friends and felt peace resulting from the presence of Popes. »



When a hundred years ago Tango overwhelmed Argentina, and, in fact, a few harbor districts of Bueons Aires, nobody was aware, what career it would make and how quickly it will overwhelm the whole world. »

The urn of the ground brought from the place of the catastrophe

Lidia Dudkiewicz

In Vatican there were families of Smoleńsk victims, gathered in the Association of Families Katyń 2010. Among them were: Zuzanna Kurtyka - a widow of the chairman of the Institute of National Remembrance – the late Janusz Kurtyka, Jadwiga Czarnołęska-Gosiewska – a mother of the late Przemysław Gosiewski, Andrzej Melak, Dariusz Fedorowicz, Helena Kotzbach – the family representatives of the late Andrzej Karweta and the late Ewa Bąkowska. »

The Vatican Exhibition of a Polish artist

Włodzimierz Rędzioch talks to the Polish artist Anna Gulak – the author of the monumental bust of Blessed John Paul II

Benedict XVI in the eyes of his personal secretary

Confessions of Msgr. Georg Gänswein, the personal secretary to Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope Benedict XVI.

The priest who became the Pope’s secretary

Wlodzimierz Redzioch talks to Msgr. Georg Gänswein about his life and service to Benedict XVI

On 2 April 2005, the Vatican Press Office issued an alarming communiqué about the bad health condition of John Paul II. I ran to St Peter’s Square to join those masses of people who were praying, looking at the window of the papal apartment. »

What is the truth about the Pope

Milena Kindziuk

The latest book ‘La verità del Papa' about Benedict XVI shows mechanisms of manipulation, which the media used against the Pope. Its author Aldo Maria Valli, as he said himself, made an attempt to defend the Holy Father. »

The effect of the appeal launched by ‘Niedziela’

The parliamentary club of Law and Justice party (PiS) has created a team that is to discuss the issue of moratorium on abortions. The initiative of the Italian journalist Giuliano Ferrara concerning moratorium was taken by the weekly ‘Niedziela’ that published an interview in which Ferrara presented his activities. »

The Pope discovers America, America discovers the Pope

Fr Pawel Rozpiatkowski

The visit of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to the United States on 15-20 April 2008 was unique in many ways. The Pope visited a superpower, which influenced the fates of the world, regions and particular countries. »

Benedict XVI shows us the core of Christianity

Wlodzimierz Redzioch talks to Cardinal Georges Cottier, OP, the former theologian to the Papal Household, about the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

Hope fragranced encyclical

Artur Stelmasiak

Christian hope is the main theme of the second encyclical of Benedict XVI entitled ‘Spe salvi’. The Pope gives answers to the question: What is the fragrance of hope? ‘He says that Christian hope has the fragrance of salvation’, thinks Rev. Professor Henryk Seweryniak from Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University. »

I am proud of Catholic schools

Fr Adam Lach talks to Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

Catholic schools enjoy great recognition in liberal countries, too. In Belgium the Catholic Church is rather weak but almost 60% of all children attend Catholic schools. »

Firstly: You shall not kill on the road

Milena Kindziuk talks to Fr Marian Midura, national chaplain for drivers, who collaborated with the Vatican council, which prepared the document ‘Guidelines for the pastoral care of the road’.

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