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Christ, reign over us!


Pope Pius XI introduced the feast of Christ the King in 1925. So this year we are celebrating its 80th anniversary. By celebrating this feast the Church wants to emphasize the omnipotence and range of Jesus' reign, which is a special authority, suffered and humiliated in the service of man. »

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land


At the end of September and beginning of October the editorial board of 'Niedziela', in two groups, was lucky to make a pilgrimage to the Land of our Saviour. This was a unique pilgrimage, a great event in the life of each of us. »

They help people die


How can we help those who are dying to pass away to the Father's Home? This urgent issue is discussed by the organisations that take care for the terminally ill. The Brotherhoods of Good Death have a special place among them. »

The Papal Day


The day of 16th October has especially become embedded in the memory of Polish people. I always feel deeply moved when I listen to the words of the cardinal who announced that the cardinal of Krakow became pope. »

To see Catholic media


Today it is not easy to be a Christian when we are bombarded with a mass of information, with offers that should not be rejected and much work, the one we need and the one we do not need, as well as speed of life. »

To see more


According to the shepherds of the Church those who want to perform social functions must be transparent in one issue, namely the attitude towards protection of unborn babies' lives, towards the elderly and the sick as well as the phenomenon of the so-called homosexual marriages. »

World Youth Day - searching for love


We will remember the August events in Cologne for a long time - the 20th World Youth Day at the initiative of the Servant of God John Paul II. At the same time we should ask the question: Why do young people come for these meetings in such great numbers? »

John Paul II - this would be a wonderful patron saint of Europe


The patron saint of contemporary Europe should be our candidate for sainthood - the Servant of God John Paul II. Few people knew Europe and its Christian culture better than him. As a universal Shepherd he embraced the whole world with his hands full of love but Europe was the dearest to him. With his whole being John Paul II was a man of evangelical culture, culture of love and life. »

Consequences of the sacramental 'yes'


Due to the growing number of requests in the world, especially in America, directed to diocesan tribunals concerning matrimonial nullity, the Apostolic See promulgated a special document entitled Dignitas connubii (Dignity of marriage), which aims at protecting the sacrament of matrimony. »

So that a victim would not fall victim again


I read the document of the National Remembrance Institute (IPN) concerning Fr Konrad Hejmo, OP. The Institute definitely claims that Fr Konrad was security service SB agent. However, the document first of all presents the procedures and methods the security services used. »

'Take care of all that has been entrusted to you' - the main task of the Pope

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

Many of us asked the question about the Church after John Paul II's death. What challenges and tasks will the successor of the great Pope face? »

Media at the service of the common good


'Media at the service of the common good' is the title of the editorial by Fr Ireneusz Skubis, editor-in-chief of 'Niedziela'. He comments on the important document issued on 21 February by the Holy Father, namely his apostolic letter The rapid development to those responsible for communications. »

Call for normality in Poland, for normality in Europe


In his weekly reflections of the cycle 'Sursum corda', entitled 'Call for normality in Poland, for normality in Europe', Fr Ireneusz Skubis reminds us of Prof. Rocco Buttiglione's lecture 'The primacy of conscience in politics', delivered at the Catholic University of Lublin on 12 January 2005. »

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